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Visual Scores, 2022
by Mokha Laget

Visual Scores are a series of new drawings by Mokha Laget. They are on view from November 12th until December
31st, 2022 at Gallery Sonja Roesch in Houston, TX

The Visual Scores allude to a constellation of contemporary music notation initially pioneered in the 1950s by such composers as John Cage. Sometimes Laget draws a score based on actual experimental music, at other times she interprets the imaginary music in her mind. Music has long held a visual fascination for Laget who,
early in her career, created collage works on 14th-century hymnal pages. To Laget those works were about processing her multicultural identity in a universal language and include references to literature, history, and science. Like her shaped canvases which liberate her paintings from the rectilinear format, these drawings provide the freedom to interpret visual content. And like her paintings, the drawings glow with colors inspired by the North African landscape in which she grew up as well as the New Mexico desert she has called home for the last 25 years.

More about exhibition here.

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