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Fresh Look, 2019
Mokha Laget, Curator 

Fresh Look: a selection of women from the Madi collection is a group exhibit curated by artist Mokha Laget. It is on view at the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art in Dallas, TX from April 26 through July 21.

The exhibition explores the ways that women artists have worked in a variety of media and forms —from canvas to glass tiles and steel reliefs to LED sculptures. The gender distinction aims not only to redress a gender imbalance in the male-centric focus of many museums, but also to show that women have been making geometric and Madi art that is equally as powerful as their male contemporaries. 

The artist list includes: Shafaq Ahmad, Gisseline Aminy, Maria Arevlais-Gordon, Eva Maria Banyasz, Dominique Binet, Ania Borzobohaty, Beti Bricelj, Elizabeta Cornolo, Kim Dembrosky, Astrid Fitzgerald, Kentra Gilbert, Betty Gold, Matignon De Gouyon, Nicole Guyart, Yumiko Kimura, Anneke Kranenbarg, Heather Marcus, Mitsouko Mori, Francoise Pierzou, Marta Pilone, Liubov Popova, Liz Whitney Quisgard, Bridget Riley, Marta Rodriguez, India Serena, Zoe Shulman, Ines Silva, and Nancy White.

An exhibition catalog with essay by Mokha Laget is available here.

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