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Poetic Densities, 2017
Mokha Laget, Curator

Poetic Densities: The painted wood reliefs of Joel Froment and Elvira Daeter was an exhibition curated by Mokha Laget at the MADI Museum in Dallas, TX, from October 27, 2017 through January 21, 2018

Elvira Daeter is a Dutch artist who has been painting in a constructivist, abstract, geometric style for many years. She likes the MADI idea of eliminating the rectangular frame, which creates an horizon for creative imagination. She says,  “MADI means to me power, cheerfulness, freedom, creativity, movement, abstraction, dimension and invention, concerning form, content, and light.  It is a challenging style.”

French artist Joel Froment has been a MADI artist from the time Carmelo moved from Buenos Aires to Paris and created a MADI movement in France.  Much of his work is kinetic, as is one of the two pieces owned by the MADI in Dallas.  There are now more than twenty MADI artists living in France, although some of these were born in South America or Japan.  For many years Froment has been the President of MADI International.

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